Saturday, 23 March 2013

I Heart: No.7 Serum

When should you consider wearing a serum?

ASAP! If you want to get added nutrients into the deeper layers of your skin – the ones that a regular moisturizer is not able to reach then a serum is what you need! Serums are truly blessings for people who want to reduce the appearance of wrinkles and achieve a clearer complexion.  

I have been regularly applying "No.7 Protect & PerfectIntense Serum" since I was introduced to it last year. I am 24 years young now - and although everyone else insists that I don’t have wrinkles I can clearly see them becoming more and more visible when I look in the mirror. I’m not obsessed with them; they are tiny and will probably stay that way for a few years before they actually become noticeable, however I know better than to just sit around and wait for them to grow. I rather vanquish them now or at the very least slow down the aging process. So – I bought a serum applied it regularly before my moisturizer and what I noticed first was that  my sun spots and freckles became a lot less noticeable which made my complexion seem a lot clearer. After applying the serum for a month I noticed that the wrinkles that I could earlier see clearly was now much less visible.  

I know that there are loads of different brands out there promoting their serums. But I personally have only tried No.7 because it was recommended to me by someone who has religiously applied all kinds of serums for years. My friend and I both agree that No.7 does the job at a reasonable price and being advertised on the news for being scientifically proven does help back up the serums legitimacy and effectiveness.
The other day when I was browsing around at Boots I found a “No.7 Protect & Perfect Intense” box collection for only £43.00. It includes a Day Cream, a Night Cream, a Beauty Serum and an Eye Serum which comes at an amazing discount as it would usually cost £89 to buy all those products separately. So seriously guys, if you have the money to spear this month – Invest! 

Wednesday, 6 February 2013

I Heart: L' Oréal Professionnel Mythic Oil

Silly me colored my hair dark and hated it. The worst thing is that as soon as I get some re-growth it looks like I have bald spots because of my blonde regrowth + my fair scalp.. Not attractive. Anyway it was a big FAIL! & my hairdresser told me that I should wait at least 2 months before I colour my hair again. So what am I doing until then? Taking really really good care of my hair - thats what I'm doing!! 

My hairdresser introduced me to L'Oreal's new Mythic Oil range. I purchased all the products except for the Mythic Masque because I'm too in love with the Macadamia hair masque to ever cheat on it.  
I've been using the Mythic Oil products for about 3 weeks now since my last haircut, and I have to say I'm quite impressed with the result. I feel like my hair is a lot shinier than it was before and best of all it feels really soft which is a huge PLUS for damaged and coloured hair like mine. I also love the design of the product range and the bottles fit beautifully into my girly bathroom :) 

L' Oréal Professionnel Mythic Oil

The shampoo is around £10 and the Conditioner is around £11 - well worth the price - because you only
need a tiny amount of product each time you wash your hair. The shampoo is great, I only use about 2 pumps and its enough to cover my whole head in foam. What has thrown me a little off is the fact that before using the conditioner you're suppose to towel dry your hair before applying the it... I keep forgetting to towel dry it before using it because I'm not used to it. Oh well.. maybe that will change with practice. 

The actual Oil is about £10 which is my favorite part of the range. The oil is enriched with a special blend of avocado and grape seed oil and it smells lovely. I use about 2 pumps of the oil on towel wet hair (not on the roots) and then one extra pump to tame my frizzy fly away ends - and it works wonders leaving my hair looking really smooth and not at all greasy. I wish I had a picture to show you guys but I left my camera at my friends place and my webcam just doesn't do it justice...

Its a lovely product and if you want to get the salon effect at home then Go try it - I highly recommend it!! 
(If you're one of my good friends you will be getting this for your birthday.) 

Update** The conditioner strengthens your hair but it doesn't help to untangle your hair which I personally find really annoying at times. 

Saturday, 12 January 2013

I Heart: The New Year

2012 has been such a special year for me. I grew up a little bit, appreciated my family a lot more and got into Grad School, moved back to the UK and kept love in my heart.

I have always been confident, had many friends and always felt pretty no matter what size I've been. I've been lucky because I hear stories all the time about people who are truly suffering and are lacking confidence due to their weight. That breaks my heart. But of course -  I like everyone else have bad days where I feel fat and disgusting and I most certainly don’t feel like running around in a bikini with thunder thighs any time soon. (Thank god its winter...)

This year I really want to focus on my health! New Year’s resolutions have never really worked out for me because I would always make up unrealistic goals for myself that I wouldn't follow through with. Since 2008, I've lost more than 20 kilos but now I’m stuck exactly ten kilos above where I want to be. I realize that It gets harder to lose weight the smaller you become.. But at the same time it also gets easier and easier to be healthy because you teach yourself healthy habits along the way.

I have tried every diet possible and now I know that not every diet will work for me because everyone’s body is different. I can exercise and eat next to nothing and still not lose weight. So simply counting calories does not work for me. I need to eliminate all carbs and fruit because it makes my blood sugar rise. When my blood sugar is low, my body goes into a process called ketosis where my body starts burning fat for fuel. It’s a good diet for me because I get to eat loads of meets and veggies, nuts and berries without starving. Since the beginning of this month I have already lost 8 pounds so obviously it works well for me because I’m learning to appreciate healthy food.

I did this diet in 2007 after gaining the freshmen…. Well it was way more than fifteen pounds. Basically I had moved from Asia to the UK so I was overly tempted by everything delicious the UK had to offer. Anyway I've had 'a couple of years' break now before attempting this diet again. I've tried other diets in the meantime but they just didn't work out. So now I’m trying again to lose those last few kilos.. Wish me luck.
Oh and of course…. I wish everyone a beautiful year ahead. 

Thursday, 10 January 2013

I Heart: Xmas Pictures

I Heart: Garnier Miracle BB Cream

When I was about 11 years old I had horrible acne. I remember one boy in my grade telling me “it looks like a bicycle has run over your forehead.”  Needless to say I was really upset. Ever since then I've been obsessed with all kinds of skin care products that would improve the condition of my skin. Thankfully the universe decided to bless my skin after puberty… so i'm no longer struggling with acne, but I still can’t say that I have flawless skin because I still get blemishes from time to time and I have a few freckles in unwanted places.

Anyway, in early December I discovered a product that I can’t get enough of so I thought I would share it with you guys. It’s a Blemish Balm cream - (BB cream). It’s a product that I absolutely love and I can’t believe it has taken me this long to discover it. 

(Ops.The BB was not blended inn properly here)

For someone like me who has a very busy schedule, the BB Cream is a huge time saver. The one I own is called “Garnier Miracle Skin Perfector Daily All-In-One B.B”. It’s an all-in-one skincare solution that immediately perfects your skin. It’s a light cream that evens out your skin tone and gives you a nice glow. The cream blurs out imperfections and redness and smooths out the appearance of fine lines. Not only does the bb cream make you look good, it also hydrates and protects your skin from the sun. 

The BB cream is perfect for me because it takes less than 15 seconds for me to apply it and I love how flawless and fresh the cream makes my skin look. I apply the BB cream in the morning before my makeup in the same way as I would apply a moisturizer. However I no longer apply foundation because I think the BB cream already gives me the coverage that I’m looking for.. but if I do have a blemish I just cover it up with concealer.  

With all the benefits that come with this cream, I feel like I've discovered gold in a tube because most mornings i really can't be bothered to 'tap' on foundation which takes forever.. Unlike with a foundation, I feel like my skin can breath with the BB cream. However, the BB cream is not for everyone. I would say that I have fair skin but I still have a light tan from spending most of my summers in warmer climates. If you have really pale skin it might be a problem for you to use the BB cream since it only comes in two shades: light or medium. I personally chose the light one and it fits me really well. But if you’re really pale it might not blend in perfectly with your skin tone. The BB cream might also be a little shiny if you chose the wrong cream. So it’s important to read the label carefully and chose a oil free cream if you have oily skin.

Until now I can’t say anything actually negative about this product. If you haven’t tried it I definitely recommend doing so :)

Thursday, 13 December 2012

I Heart: River Island Watch

Jingle jingle bells!! Its almost Christmas  :) I keep buying myself little presents and I got this beautiful watch from River Island for only £25 today.  Its a miniature boyfriend watch that is not too over sized so it fits well with my other little bangles. I also bought some glitter dust that I applied to the tip of my french manicure. I used the tip of a spoon to drizzle the glitter on top of a wet layer of clear nail polish. Then I applied another layer of top coat to seal in the glitter. It was a bit of a mess but it turned out quite good.

I'm so happy with my new watch. What do you guys think? :) 

Saturday, 8 December 2012

I Heart: L'Oreal's Xmas Goddie Bag

Hello Beautiful people ❤...

I've been really busy this week so I thought I would treat myself with a new nail polish and a new eye liner from Boots. Little did I know a free Goodie bag was waiting for me there.

Before I got the Goodie bag I picked up a lovely red-glitter nail polish from Rimmel called 'Ruby Crush' from their Precious Stones collection. I think its very cute and sparkly, and very fitting now that its the Christmas season. I have seen a lot of different reviews on this nail polish and I must agree with most people who said that it chipped easily... but after experimenting with a topcoat i found it to be a solution. 
From L'Oreal I picked up a Dark Brown eyeliner from the Color Riche collection. I prefer brown eye liners because I'm blond and when I wear black it kind of looks like I have panda eyes. I do like to wear black mascara though in order to make my lashes look bolder. 
From L'Oreal I also picked up an eye shadow which I decided that I really really needed... it is called Sahara Treasure (very fitting since I've lived so many years in the Middle East) and its from the 'Color Infaillible' collection.

I also bought a lipstick from L'Orial's 'Intense' collection.  The color is called 'Magnetic Coral'...