Saturday, 8 December 2012

I Heart: L'Oreal's Xmas Goddie Bag

Hello Beautiful people ❤...

I've been really busy this week so I thought I would treat myself with a new nail polish and a new eye liner from Boots. Little did I know a free Goodie bag was waiting for me there.

Before I got the Goodie bag I picked up a lovely red-glitter nail polish from Rimmel called 'Ruby Crush' from their Precious Stones collection. I think its very cute and sparkly, and very fitting now that its the Christmas season. I have seen a lot of different reviews on this nail polish and I must agree with most people who said that it chipped easily... but after experimenting with a topcoat i found it to be a solution. 
From L'Oreal I picked up a Dark Brown eyeliner from the Color Riche collection. I prefer brown eye liners because I'm blond and when I wear black it kind of looks like I have panda eyes. I do like to wear black mascara though in order to make my lashes look bolder. 
From L'Oreal I also picked up an eye shadow which I decided that I really really needed... it is called Sahara Treasure (very fitting since I've lived so many years in the Middle East) and its from the 'Color Infaillible' collection.

I also bought a lipstick from L'Orial's 'Intense' collection.  The color is called 'Magnetic Coral'... 

And unfortunately it was a hit and miss with me. I was memorized by the orange/pink color when I looked at it in the store but when I came home and tried it on I didn't like it at all. To be honest the color completely clashed with my hair and it made me look rather unpleasant. It says that its for blonds but I tried searching on the internet for a blond that looks good with the 'Magnetic Coral' and I didn't find a single one. Anyway here is a picture of the lipstick which looks dreamy in itself but was a disappointing (in my opinion) when I applied it on. 

Finally when I went to go pay for the Makeup....

 -- Merry Christmas to me!! 

I spent only £15 on L'oreal products and they gave me a free Goodie bag/box!
Needless to say I was stocked since I didn't expect free makeup. 

And here is what I got in the Goodie box: 

1 X Nude Magique Sachet - 1ml
1 X Revitalift Pol - 5ml
1 X True Match Sachet - 1ml
1 X Color Riche Diamantissime Lipstick Fuschia -24g
1 X Color Riche Nailpolish Topcoat - 5ml
1 X Volume Million Lashes Diamantissime - 8.5ml

Thankfully I loved the lipstick I got in my Goodie bag which completly made up for the fact that I didn't like the 'Magnetic Coral' lipstick that I bought. The color that I got in my Goodie Box is from the 'Diamantissime' collection which is  a really pretty plum color called 'Feeric Fuschia' with a lot of shimmer - which is currently trending. I feel like the color goes well with dark clothing so its a winter lipstick for sure.  
I took a quick picture of it when I wore it earlier today but I didn't apply it properly on my lower lip, but hopefully you get an indication of the color from the picture.

So now that you know whats inside the Goodie Box will you buy your winter makeup from L'Oreal 


  1. amazing products! especially the l'oreal lipstick! such a nice colour! looks great on you.

  2. Hi sweety, thanks so much for following...following back on GFC! I´ve tried the Estee Lauder btw, it´s great for more combination, oily skin types, wonderful coverage...I have dry skin, so doesn´t really work that well for me...

  3. gorgeous post! must get these!

    lots of love and a merry christmas from the c&p girls,
    casper&pearl blog

    1. Thanks a million.

      I was wondering why you had so many 'summer' pictures on your blog. I keep forgetting that its Summer in Australia. Lucky you. :)



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  5. Nice blog! I love. The look of the eyeshadow you bought.

    Kimberley x


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  7. What a fab goody bag! Love the lip shade!
    Would love you to check out my latest outfit post :)
    Have a fab Sunday Hun xoxo

  8. This all looks gorgeous, especially the precious stones nail varnish :)

  9. love those infallible eyeshadows from them!!!! :D

    Click me for MY NEW BLOG

  10. LOVE your nails! Nothing is worse than a lipstick looking awesome.... until you put it on. Such a bummer. Love your blog and can't wait to follow along!

    It's an Easy Life

  11. Thankyou for your comment, how cool! You used to live in Oman :D <3
    I'm loving & enjoying your blog, thanks for the follow love xoxox

  12. Your nails are so pretty and i also love everything you bought!

    xx Marianne

  13. Absolutely love everything you got :) I have the Sahara Treasure eyeshadow too and it's such a stunning shade :D Just stumbled across your blog and couldn't resist not following :D


  14. Love the nail varnish comes out so well
    Perfect for christmas
    S xx

  15. Oh wow so gorgeous things!! I am in love with the nailpolish, it is really perfect for christmas:) And the lipstick is beautiful as well! Such a great color!!

    Hope you visit me on my blog

  16. Great color!!
    Drop by if you like :-)

  17. aaaah Nail polish. I love<3

  18. omg i love that eyeshadow!!! Check out my blog and my shop

  19. Wow I love your blog! Its so entertaining! Check out my blog! I just started and could use the support