Wednesday, 29 April 2009

Already missing winter

I'm currently in Egypt and I miss European winters and all the little things that come with them.

I miss the way my sheets were always so cold in the middle of the night, and I would throw blanket after blanket on top of my body and I'd fall into a warm sleep. I sleep better because the nights are longer and I love waking up feeling the cold, clean and crispiness of the winter air.
Why is it always the coldest part of the year that makes me feel so alive?

There are so many things I miss about winter, like for instance curling up on the sofa next to the fire place with a big mug of hot chocolate with a thick blanket wrapped around me. I also miss drinking herbal teas which I guess I do all year around, but in winter they’re all the more appealing. I miss taking extremely hot baths after having spent the whole day outside throwing snow balls. i think snow is such an amazing natural thing when all the different snowflakes glitter when the sun shines.

I also miss rain. I know a lot of people don’t welcome rain. But I do because I live in Egypt and here it never rains. I always like watching the rain drops slide down my glass window and the sound it makes when the raindrops lands on water. Of course rain is not so fun when it fucks up your hair and you end up looking like a wet cat.. but anyways I still miss it.

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