Sunday, 24 May 2009

Girls Gossip

Don’t tell a women she gossips. She would never agree with you. Don’t even try to tell her about the time she gossiped. She would most probably deny it or casually shrug it off as an one off thing.

Friendships do blossom over gossip sessions. I once knew of a retard who became my friend because she realized I didn’t exactly like her sworn enemy who she called “the gossiper”. She hung out with me for a while but stopped after she realized I wasn’t interested in making a group of mean girls against the gossiper. After a year, she had already recruited a substantial number of girls who didn’t like her sworn enemy either; so it didn’t matter if I joined or not.

You see, if I had joined, I would have charged them entrance fee and fought my way to be the leader of their group. I know I’m ambitious. But anyways, groups like that you find everywhere and at every age. People with a common enemy stick together, which in some cases I find hilarious. (Unless its a humanitarian case or warfare) Anyway girls gossip and we love it. We thrive on it and I know for a fact that boys do as well.

To wrap it up I think its important to treat others like how you would want to be treated. So If you don’t like people to gossip about you, don’t do it. But don’t be naive and think that there won’t be people gossiping about you... because there will always be even if you don’t. If you are going to talk about people and fabricate stories then make sure that you’re ready to face the consequences.

Because you see, a smart gossiper would gossip or rather share her opinions with the ones she knows she can trust. But don’t babble to everyone you meet because they will gladly pass on whatever information you feed them. But just for fun I say keep the gossip going. We all need entertainment. But make sure you cover your ass well.

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