Wednesday, 20 July 2011

Im nice, but i'm not a punk.

Im nice and sweet to people. No joke. I always try to put out good energy, make their day go a little better, you know, regular Tina stuff (for those of you that know me personally) but its like some people take that as weakness. They try to stand over me, compete with me, judge me, or gossip about me. But why? I’m not here trying to steal your shine, your man, your house, your life, none of that. I don’t pose myself as a threat to people so why do they respond to me as if i am. Either way, thats not my issue to solve, its theirs. Whatever insecurity they need to fix they can take a mental health day and get that shit worked out.

I sometimes come off aggressive when Im pissed but i dont let my anger control me. NOone controls me, but me. Im not a punk when i dont respond to your bullshit gestures, i actually don’t respond because i dont give enough of a fuck about you to further the conversation, nothing your saying changes anything im doing. I still have good grades, im still educated, im still awesome, did you really think a couple actions and words could change that?

When i go home and get into my bed, i absolutely do not think of you. I think of my next move, my next goal, what i need to achieve, what needs to get done, how much i love certain people, how happy i am to have them, how I might want to get a haircut and bla bla bla. I focus on the positives in my life, thats what keeps me happy and going. Im sorry you cant seem to find anything that makes you happy and secure but in no way or means does that mean you need to take your insecurities out on me.

No matter what you tell me, im still going on to achieve great things. Now either you can ride along this journey with me, or you can step aside.

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  1. you always write better when ur angry about somethin lolz