Friday, 31 December 2010

The idea of a boy

I was in love with the idea of a boy... a boy who turned out to be much less glamorous in reality than he was in my fantasy. In my fantasy he was loving and caring. He was a boy who would wipe away my tears and make me feel special every time he smiled at me. He wasn't necessarily what people would consider universally handsome but to me his imperfections were beautiful.
When he smiled at me; my heart would melt and I would find myself completely lost in his serenity. Every moment with him would be fulfilling and every touch would be addictive.
But in reality this boy didn't exist anymore. The boy was just a fantasy and the fantasy died when I realized I wasn't part of his priorities.
He would push me away when he felt like it, and pull me back inn when he needed someone to talk too. I tended to blame this behavior on our circumstances... Then I realized that regardless of our circumstances; his actions spoke louder than his words. And with that I decided to close my book on the possibility of him, because I know I deserve more.

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