Thursday, 29 November 2012

I Heart: Chunky Chain Necklaces

Last year I loved long necklaces but I don’t find them nearly as classy as these chunky sweethearts. Hope you like them as much I do.

Chain with Black and White Diamonds: Republic 

This necklace I got from Republic. I didn't order it online, I actually physically walked into the store and it caught my eye immediately. It is beautifully covered in black and white diamonds (not real ones obviously) and it has a chain base which is currently a major trend. I like it a lot because its chunky yet too big so I can wear it without looking like i'm trying too hard. 

Martini Facet Collar necklace: Topshop

 I recently invested in this gorgeous Martini Facet Collar necklace from Topshop. This necklace is currently my favorite one. It has five different colored chains that are stuck together. Each chain has an earthy color so it goes well with the darker winter colors that are currently in fashion. I usually like to wear jewelry that I can wear all year round and I can easily see myself wearing this with a white blazer next summer.  

Square and 2 Triangle Necklace & Bracelet : Dorothy Perkins

walked by Dorothy Perkins yesterday and I saw this gold necklace on one of the window manikins. Needless to say i rushed inn and bought it. I usually prefer wearing gold in summer rather than winter but i think this necklace will look good on a closed neck dress which you can pretty much find in any store these days. definitely think that if you have a chunky necklace it can quickly turn a plain black outfit into a stylish one. 


  1. ooo i love these necklaces on you! shame they dont suit me :(

  2. I'm sure you would look gorgeous wearing them. I never thought they would look good on me either :)x

  3. You're gorgeous , love the first necklace xx

  4. I love this necklaces they are so versatile. I have like an obsession with them I have a lot like them is like a thing.

    I follow you ca you follow back?

  5. youre so pretty!! and i love those necklaces- jade xxx