Wednesday, 28 November 2012

I Heart: YSL inspired Rings

Rings: ASOS marketplace 

So while I was in Melbourne last year I got to know this gorgeous girl from Dubai who wore absolutely fabulous jewelry. She always looked well put together with her hair and nails done just right. She would always wear these beautiful Yves Saint Laurent Rings that I absolutely adore. I loved those rings so much that I wanted to purchase a few for myself. That was of course... until I realized that those rings cost a couple of hundred dollars. 
I’m not the biggest fan of rings in general because I simply forget to wear them or I get easily bored of them. So there was no way that I was going to spend hundreds of dollars on rings. (Unless there are diamonds involved.) So I decided to purchase some arty oval rings that look almost the same as the YSL rings at a quarter or less of the price. That way I get the cool rings and I have loads of money left over to spend on Christmas gifts and a couple of cute outfits.


  1. I so want a YSL ring, I Love the Red!
    Great post!
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  2. ive always wanted a ysl ring, they're so nice and such classics! love the blog :) xx

  3. Very nice! The ASOS rings are so similar to the YSL Arty rings. I'm with you I don't know if I could dish out that much dough for something so trendy. But I think I would spend the 600-700 for an Hermes enamel bracelet....but as if I have that kind of dough lying around!