Tuesday, 4 December 2012

I Heart: Macadamia Deep Repair Maque

So two months ago a friend of mine who is a hair stylist told me about this amazing deep repair hair masque called Macadamia that helps rejuvenate hair and bring back shine. My hair has been quite dry for a while so I thought why not try a few samples to see if I could notice an actual difference to my hair before I purchase a whole jar. I told myself that unless I am hundred percent satisfied with the product I would not invest approximately 20 pounds on a hair masque.
Two months later, I can now say that I’m a proud owner of a full jar of 'Macademia - Natural Oil -Deep Repair Hair Masque. I would defiantly recommend this product!!

I have experienced amazing results and I’m very happy with the product. My hair has regained shine and elasticity and it is no longer super dry like it used to be two months ago.
I love the amazing scent it leaves in my hair after I use it. I only use a tiny amount each time i use it and it still somehow manages to leave a beautiful shine all over my hair which is a blessing when you have as dry hair as I do.
The masque itself is recommended to only be used twice a week for 7 minutes after shampooing and conditioning.  I use it about once a week and sometimes if I have time on my hands I’ll take a bath and leave it in my hair for a while longer to let it really soak up all its rich goodness in the masque.  Its certainly not called ‘Deep Repair’ for nothing. 

I purchased a full jar online from Beautybay but you can also purchase one from their actual website or you can probably now find it at your local beauty salon. 


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  3. Love this! I have heard a lot of good thing about macadamia,
    it is a gift for yoir hair:)
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  4. I think I need this in my life! Sounds perfect for me xx

  5. That tub looks very much inviting...love!
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  6. I love hair masques! You have a great blog
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  7. <3 OMG THANK YOU SO MUCH!! I got one from my hairdresser yesterday who happened to have a sample for me and booom my hair looks brilliant.



  8. I have this too, it works miracles!



  9. I heard a lot of good reviews on Macadamia. I should probably try it out as soon as possible. Oh and thank you for following me! <3



  10. I'm very comfortable with my current hair care routine, but i'm swaying towards these products. I've heard so many positive reviews about it, then i'm very tempted to purchase this brand.

    Your newest follower, Lauren.

  11. Great Review:) I may need to try this stuff myself xx

  12. Macadamia has some really great hair products.

  13. So glad to hear you like Macadamia! I look after their PR and know how good their stuff is! Sooooo great!

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