Tuesday, 27 November 2012

I heart: Winter Parka

Jacket/Parka: Topshop   Hat: Newlook  JeansBoohoo

I love my new Luxe Nylon Parka from Topshop. It has a beautiful gray faux fur lining with a large hoddie to keep me warm this winter. The Parka has really wide pockets which I find really useful because I don’t like carrying around huge bags when all I really need is my wallet, keys, makeup and mobile… and maybe even a small notebook. It’s not a cheap jacket but I think it’s important to invest in clothing that will keep you as warm as possible this winter as cold waves are likely to emerge at some point. There is also a green military version of the jacket which I have seen a lot of girls wear but I prefer the blue version because I don’t necessarily like to wear the same color as everyone else. 


  1. You're sooo beautiful! Love the parka xx

  2. Hi, just wondered what size you got this coat in and what size you usally are because i have just ordered it !! please please would appreciate if you could email me at jazmin.charlotte@live.com. i went with my normal size but everyone goes on that its wayyy tooo big and im concerend haha